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Top Buses - our new print and cut out at home game! 

Play this new twist on an old game to keep the kids (and even adults) amused for ages! 

At the Museum of Transport Greater Manchester, we know all about our collection of lovely vintage buses and coaches. So much so, that we decided to share some of our facts and figures so you can use them to play ‘Top Buses’.

Download Top Buses

The first thing you need to do is to print this PDF file at A4 size. If your printer has a ‘borderless printing’ option, use that.

Card is best, or you can print on paper and stick the paper onto sheets of cardboard. Then very carefully cut out the cards- for vertical cuts follow the thin black lines, and for the horizontal cuts you should cut along the top edge of each photo.

You should now have a set of 60 equally-sized cards.

The rules are easy:

  • First, shuffle and distribute the cards equally to all players, face down (60 cards: so 30 each for two players, 20 each for three players and 15 each for four players).
  • Then the first player turns over their top card, without showing it to anyone else, and nominates the category and the number that’s on their card - for example if they have the SELNEC Leyland National card just below, they might say “year, 1972”.
  • The other players look at their cards and whoever has the highest number in that category puts all the cards from that round at the bottom of their pile.
  • The winner then chooses the category for the next card.
  • If there is a tie, the cards are placed in the middle and another round is played; and the winner takes the cards from both rounds.
  • This goes on until only one person has any cards left, and they’re the winner of Top Buses!

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