Our vision is for Greater Manchester to celebrate its rich transport heritage and to understand the importance of public transport and the contribution it makes to improving the environment and connecting the modern world.

In order to achieve this, we have formed a strong marketing partnership:
Greater Manchester’s Transport Heritage Partnership (GMTH)
Together, we work towards this vision and encourage more people to interact and indulge in their local history.


The Museum of Transport, Greater Manchester’s mission is to be the best possible long-term guardian of Greater Manchester's public road transport heritage through our extensive collections.

The Museum serves the people of Greater Manchester and those who enjoy its history. We will be a museum that everyone can enjoy.

Strategic Aims

1. Conserve & explain

To conserve and explain the public road transport of Greater Manchester's past, bringing it to life for the enjoyment of the public.

2. Access & interaction

To encourage the people of Greater Manchester to engage with and enjoy their history by providing access to our collections.

3. Value of public transport

To reinforce the value of public transport by demonstrating its importance to the modern world, how it has shaped how we live today and its importance for the future.

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